Dritare - PERDE

PERDE KUZHINE 1x190x90/2x5x35cm
Barcode: 5053600
PERDE KUZHINE 1x190x90/2x5x35cm
11.89 Euro
Pesha Bruto: 0.483
Material: 70% polyester/30% cotton
Machine wash: 60°C
Bleaching: No
Tumble-dry: *
Ironing: *
Dry clean: No
Shrinkage: 4 %
Environmental and health certification: Oeko-Tex
Construction: 76x44/35x150dnr
Method of construction: Woven
Weight: 80 g/m².
Method of colouring: Printed
Further information: Top curtain
Bottom curtain: 2xW95xH35 cm
Brand: Windows